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  • Sydnee’s Pet Grooming is a fun and trendy pet salon that is committed to healthy living and in making a difference in pets and people’s lives by providing excellent customized pet styling at affordable prices. We believe pets are healthier when groomed regularly, and with the use of our all-natural products in our salons we keep it safe for both pets and the environment.
  • At Sydnee’s Pet Grooming we take pride in being part of many communities, and we are dedicated to providing a loving and compassionate atmosphere where both people and pets will always feel comfortable.

Sydnee's Pet Grooming

Sydnee's Pet Grooming

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet industry is styled for continued growth in 2017, showing an all-time high in consumer spending. The industry reached over $60 billion in 2015.

Sydnee's Pet Grooming

According to 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 79.7 millons homes.

Sydnee's Pet Grooming

The Pet Services sector, which includes pet grooming, training, boarding, and pet sitting, will reach revenues of over 4.73 billion this year, which is up from 4.41 billion the year before and up over 6% since 2013, making it the fastest growing sector within the industry.

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We are dedicated to your franchise success long term. This includes the success of your team members too. Since 2012, our team has grown to over 20 professional pet groomers, most of whom we trained, developed, and are now Sydnee’s Pet Grooming Franchisees.

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